Hi, my name is Macy 🙂 I want to share a little about my life 🙂

First of all, I am very happy in my new home, there is no kid or any other pet. It is like my dream home 🙂

As I have a sad previous story, now I am a bit coward. In my previous home, there was another cat, who attacked me a few times so that even now I feel anxious if there is someone new around. That’s why my previous owners gave me back to shelter and I was very concerned if someone wants me again and how can I cope in a new environment. But my new parents were very kind and patient, I got used to them in just a day. Even though they were expecting it will take weeks.

And also I have special circumstances, I don’t like to go out, I get even more anxious outside. So my parents promised me, I can be indoor as much as I want. Maybe by the time I gain my confidence and go out with them because I want to make them happy, as they make me 🙂

My mom and dad enjoy playing with me, they bought a different kind of toys for me and promised they will buy more 🙂

They say I brought joy to their life, but I think their life was already full of joy! 🙂

You can watch me happily playing here






Hi :) My name is Ganira. I am an admin of this blog and a doctor from Azerbaijan, currently live in Scotland. I live a life full of miracles and appreciate to share with you.

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